Walnut Creek Acne Clinic

   Carol D’Alo
Licensed Professional Esthetician
Founder of Synergy Skin Care

Carol D’Alo, LE is an accomplished esthetician, with over fifteen years experience treating Acne sufferers of all ages and skin types, Walnut Creek Acne ClinicCarol possesses a comprehensive scope of knowledge in the treatment of “grade 1” (mild) through “grade 4” (severe) acne.

With a passion for “Results” oriented skin care Carol is proficient in Skin Analysis along with intensive Advanced Training in the following modalities:

  • Chemical Peels

Stimulates Elastin & Collagen
Resurfaces Skin & Refines Pores
Brightens Skin & Reduces Wrinkle Depth
Youthful, Silky, Supple Skin

  •  Micro-Dermabrasion

Lightens Brown “Age” Spots
Softens Acne Scarring
Minimizes Enlarged Pores
Improves Texture
Radiant, Vibrant, Glowing Skin


Combining LED (light energy)>used by NASA
Micronized Currents Addresses Aging on [Three Levels]
Epidermal, Dermal and Muscle Tissue Beneath
Lifts Sagging Muscles to Restore a Natural Youthful Appearance to the Skin

Carol possesses the unique talent of combining a “Deep Therapeutic Facial” along with providing her clients individual attention to achieve “Real Results”.

~ A word from Carol
“My philosophy reflects how I chose the name of my company, Synergy. I believe working together will achieve greater results for my clients.”